Caught in the impact zone

I have been a little worried about my future and which way I should go and I have noticed my mom and a friend’s mom have been just as worried about theirs. Money is an issue, each of them including myself not able to depend on others but only on God.

Circumstances have made it impossible to depend on others. But when being this worried, and this desperate we kind of get lost in some of the negativity. Worry overwhelms us and we can feel a little trapped in the impact zone.

Personally, being caught in a rip current or even not being able to get out the impact zone can be scary, overwhelming and confusing. You can easily become tired of putting up a fight and of trusting and persevering.

With a rip current, we usually just go with the flow and let it take us in the direction it is going. It’s just a lot safer, many end up tired and drown from trying to go against it. It usually takes you down and around the shore line, so it kinda ends up being like doing a little sight seeing. Where as when in the impact zone, you usually have to persevere quite a bit through it, but once you are out of there, and trust me – you WILL get out of thereyou get to ride the waves of freedom and feel the peace between sets.

So when all the things get too much, instead of fighting against everything, go with it, persevere through it and trust that things will be okay.

There’s no need to panic. No need for tiring yourself out.

Rather enjoy the tides, and try see the good in it, focusing on that instead. It is way to easy to focus on not getting anywhere or what you aren’t getting right. On what you don’t have, like you don’t have enough strength or courage. Instead of focusing on that and losing all hope, focus on the little you have and make that bit count. The little strength and courage you have may be just enough to get you through. You may even have more than someone else. There is always someone a little less privileged. Someone who may be caught in an impact zone or in a riptide, a little longer than you and who knows if they’ll make it. But you’ve got to hope and be grateful for what you have.

Somewhere someone has lost a loved one.

Someone has lost their job.

Someone is without a family.

An unborn child is killed or will soon be abandoned.

Someone is dying of cancer.

Someone is without a home.

A soldier might not come home. 

Everybody gets caught in the impact zone every once in a while, others get caught in the rip current. Either way, don’t give up, don’t worry about it and tire yourself out. Rather just trust it’s going to be okay, persevere and focus on the good of what you already have achieved. Keep hoping.

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