Refreshingly flavoured water

Seeing as today is such a lovely summer’s day I had to just add a little idea.

Tshepi, Elicia and I, while being at AROMA, saw that they had jugs with cold ice water in as well as different things. Like one had lemon slices, one just had water and ice, another had cucumber slices in. This not only flavoured the water and was a little different but was fresh, colourful and just refreshing to drink as well as look at.

Tshepi then asked if you could add anything else to the water other than lemons, ice or cucumber. Of course Elicia and I were like, of course you can!!!

So ladies and gents, of course you can, you can add any sort of berries, mint, citrus slices and other fruit…. pretty much anything you think would be tasty, colourful and refreshing…. You can also put more than one ingredient in. Also when adding fruit, slice them in half or as you prefer, even cubing them, just to unleash the incredible flavours. Otherwise, if using herbs like parsely or mint leaves, you can add them in just like that or break them in half or so as well to unlock those gorgeous flavours! But have fun with it, treat yourself and be refreshed every day of this lovely summer 🙂


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