Kelly leaving home….

Siblings are so incredibly special and so are friends. God has blessed me with both. This morning I woke up extremely excited to see two special friends, Tshepi & Liela… to have some time with them & treat them to a new place – AROMA. But I also woke up with a huge knot in my stomach that had me feeling very sick.

At first I didn’t know why but when I realized it was Tuesday, I remembered why & all the colour & excitement drained out of me. Kelly is to leave this evening to the U.S to join their defense force. He’d been counting down the days since we had seen him in the holidays….which made me sick as we got closer to D-DAY!!!!

Kelly, a year younger and way taller, really does stupid things sometimes & it suddenly doesn’t make this decision of his any easier on me who is kind of worried sick. He has trained hard though and is super excited to go so I have been very supportive. But saying goodbye or SEE YOU SOON has been very hard. He’ll be away 6 months….if they are really happy with his progress & training though, he won’t be back for the next 3 years….. So am I super happy about this? Not really but I am excited for him and hope it will be everything he’s been waiting for.

Not only is the amount of time and his decisions while being there worrying me, it is not seeing him now. We wanted to go see him at OR Tambo this evening and have supper with him and say goodbye properly, but unfortunately when his flight from Durban lands at OR Tambo he has 20 minutes to board his next plane and leave to the U.S. So our last official goodbye and phone call and speaking to him in anyway before he gets to the U.S and sorts out a new phone or whatever happens between 18.30 and 20.00 tonight. His first flight leaves at 20.30.

So today I am missing him terribly and my heart is sitting in my throat and I have been feeling a little restless all day. But luckily, I had a great coffee date with my two amazing friends that helped give some perspective to all my worries and fears and just seemed to calm me down. But I do pray this will be a great opportunity for him & that it will be a GOD opportunity, that it will be blessed and that he will be kept safe.

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