I Thirst For You

This morning I woke up to a very cloudy day with a light drizzle of rain outside. Once again, I knew God was right there & I could feel His Presence. I proceeded to get up & go make tea, so that I could spend time with Him.

Instead of my usual manner of picking up my Bible & journal, I felt like quickly going on facebook to see whose birthday it might be. I found out it was a really good friend of mine’s birthday, but more than that, I stumbled across an update from a friend who is currently studying at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. His update was this: WOW amazing testimony this week 2 anonymous students at Bethel school of ministry gave me $450 ( R4000 ) for my accommodation for October and November. Thanks you Jesus for that amazing breakthrough. 

This isn’t the first time he has updated us on facebook with a story like that…since he left to go study in the U.S and even before that, that has been his daily walk with Christ. Anyway, I scrolled down his page on facebook, just looking at the different stories & updates he has and was left in awe.  But more than that, I spoke to him, catching him on facebook at the same time. I just asked him to pray with me and for me.

I really do experience God on a daily basis, but I want to experience even more of Him. I can honestly say, I want to & desire to experience Him supernaturally & all of Him in abundance!!! More of Him. MORE is what I desire. Experiencing MORE of Him SUPERNATURALLY, in ABUNDANCE!!

Psalm 143v6: I lift my hands to You in prayer. I thirst for You as parched land thirsts for rain.


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