21 & Enjoying Sharing

The year leading up to my 21st birthday has been quite a challenge. It has been a roller coaster of ups and downs. So many things I never expected has happened for me and God has surprised me with amazing blessings. I have been through crazy things and still I have no clue where God is leading me. It has been like I am blind-folded and I’m just trusting God to lead the way. I really don’t know what lies ahead but I am sure it will be great…

The closer it got to my 21st, the more challenges came up and I have had to seriously seek God first in my life. But there have been amazing blessings and things I will reflect on in some posts later, but for now I just want to say how thankful I am for my friends and family and people I have met along the way. This past week – that is how long we have celebrated my birthday for, has been tiring and busy but so incredibly special and a time I will not forget. I did celebrate but I also learnt a few hard lessons, I made peace with other things and certain relationships, but also I got to grow and mature so much in this past year as well as in one week. We also went to Thithombo Game Farm to end it all off with my dad’s side of the family and all I can say is that it was INCREDIBLE. I loved every second of being back in the wild doing what I love and getting to share it with my sister and people I really love. Seeing my sister & cousin’s faces when I showed them how the Nyala’s could eat out their mouths or take food from their mouths and that they could touch the animals and form bonds with them…it was irreplaceable moments, as well as the clay fights we had at the waterhole and all the other things we did. I was so blessed by the experience and being able to finally share that with them so that they could see my stories in action.

All I can say is it was such a memorable birthday week, unforgettable and such a blessing. The peace, the stories, the jokes, the sounds, the beauty, the love, every single thing – I am thankful for.

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