Helping people

The other day I was talking to someone and I disappeared for a while and came back. This person asked me what I was up to and I said I was busy helping someone with a task. This person replied ‘you’re always helping people.’ People have commented that a lot. As well as the question ‘why?’ So let me just answer it now.

Personally, I have just always been that way, since I can remember. It’s in my blood, it is who I am. I was pretty much wired that way. Be it people or animals – that’s me. I have a great love for God and a great love for people, so I really just enjoy helping people. I love that smile or look in someone’s eyes when they have learn’t something or the light bulb in their head has just gone on. I love the look they get when they know you genuinely care and the surprised look people have when they expected you to turn them down but instead you help them. Every time I help someone, or comfort someone – I get to learn something new and I just get to experience something of Jesus. I also just feel, I should have the same compassion towards others as I would want them to have towards me. I treat people the way I’d want to be treated.

Why do I hope for the better? Why do I spend time with people? No matter who they are, what time of day or where they are? Because I love people. I always find a little bit of Jesus in people and there’s always a little light that I find in them, no matter how big or small and I absolutely love it. When I’m with people, and I go quiet, it’s not because I’m shy or don’t want to talk, it is just because I am experiencing something of God, or God is speaking to me about that person or showing me something about them or revealing something important to me. Every time I look into someone’s eyes I get to see Jesus and experience something of Him through them or in them without them realizing it. So when they talk or tell stories, I do get quiet and it isn’t because I’m not interested it is just because I’m experiencing a lot more than just them and their story. I often get to be told about their needs and what exactly they are feeling at that time, so I am extremely sensitive to other people’s emotions and body language and so on. I really do enjoy people and it is because of God and what I experience when people talk that I am able to make connections with people whether or not I have known them for long and I can make deep connections in such a short time too. It is often why I am not surprised by things they later tell me or confess. It really is a gift from God which I really only use as He allows me to.  So that is why I help people and love people and I so deeply appreciate people and try uplift and encourage them. I don’t do it because I have to or because I’m trying to suck up, it is really out of an honest, good-hearted place.

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