Misplaced Joy in My Own Life

With my 21st birthday 5 days away, my sister and parents have decided to throw me a 21st birthday party this coming Saturday. So we are literally 2 days away. I didn’t want one because I’m usually more into being behind the scenes and organizing stuff like that for my friends and helping with that than having my own stuff.

Many of my close friends aren’t coming and I have been terribly disappointed. But a few days ago I posted ‘Misplaced Joy’ and it is always easy to post stuff like that until you are in those shoes. But God has come to show me that many times I do exactly what I was saying we shouldn’t. So not only have I posted about it, I have experienced it.

So all I can say is, people will disappoint us but God never seems to fail and His love covers all disappointments. Today, when it happened again that people let us know they aren’t coming anymore, I was sad for a moment, but my sister walked in and gave me a cup of tea – so loving and caring of her and once again God reminded me that He cares and that should be enough and that there are people who care too.

I really am looking forward to Saturday to spend time with amazing friends and family – it really is going to rock!!! And the next weekend our family will be going away to a game farm as well which is another incredible blessing from God as He knows how much I have wanted a small family holiday again with aunts and uncles, cousins, my sister, parents and grandparents. God just amazes me all the time with His beautiful blessings and incredible love and desire for us!

Oh and I am tooooo happy to announce Spring is here!!! The air is warm, flower buds are popping out and opening and shoots can be seen everywhere!!!! It is just incredible to be surrounded by God’s glory, what He has created and people who just look at our hearts and nothing else seems to matter! I’m absolutely stoked to be alive in this very moment and blessed by the memories waiting to be made!!!

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