Exercise Fun

For some, exercising may be something unpleasant but here are a few other ideas you may enjoy. It may make it easier to start off with or to spice up your exercising routine.

1. Put on the music & get it pumping through the house or in your room or wherever it is. In my parents house they have one sick ass stereo system so I can really get the whole house pumping when I’m home for holidays. But back at my own diggs we usually have music going so this is awesome to do. Then, get your groove on, let go & dance your butt off!

2. So we can’t have a jumping castle every day but that can be substituted by a trampoline. Get on a trampoline & jump! Burning calories, getting your heart rate up & is good for the legs plus it’s fun

3. Play some swing ball. You’ll be getting some vitamin D out in the sun as well good for your arms.

4. If you’re at home & have brothers & sisters or you’re living with friends then this is usually a fun one. Have a pillow fight! Jumping over beds & couches, popping out behind doors & cupboards – it’s a fun game to play & great exercise! If you’re still living with your parents, try not destroy the pillows, this may only get you in trouble!

5. Kick boxing. Well this is hardcore & fun. Not only a good workout but great after a day filled with frustration!

6. Frisbee. This is fun to play with on the beach or anywhere you may be. Get a couple of friends, play some frisbee & maybe have supper together afterwards.

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