Sisters Soak Up the Sun

Yesterday was a windy day here on the coast, but as we are beach lovers, coastal kids – that didn’t stop us from having fun & getting out.

The storm of my sister telling my parents about her tongue ring had died down & we celebrated her birthday all day, while in the wind, a rain storm brewed up. We had cake & tea & later the afternoon our family & our mates’ families went down to Dougies to go watch our the boys play rugby. The games went well & we all enjoyed some coffee & drinks next to the field.

There is much hype as per usual this time of year, with sardines coming around the coast. So the usual festivities are on & many of us following the news & waiting in anticipation for the arrival.

Then last night, the real birthday festivities of my little sister started. We had the braai going, music playing, drinks on hand & the house was pumping with friends & noise. Lots of laughter, singing & dancing took place in between all the catching up. Luckily only after the chops & kebabs had been braaied, did the clouds break with some rain. Lots of us chilled out in the rain now & then, especially us who have been more inland for a while now & hadn’t seen rain in 2-3 months! I was thankful. Photos & crazy dances by the boys was what followed. Their wildly animated stories had us in tears with laughter. The girlfriends of the boys in my sister’s friend circle were shocked though when the boys dropped their pants & did their well known wiggle dance. They always do it in underpants. We just laughed as we were pretty used to it by now. By the time the last people had left, the rain was really setting in & I was grateful to have gotten my rowdy sister to bed, take a hot shower, locked up & to get into bed as well.

It was a crazy but fun night! A good old day on the coast. With the beauty of waking up to beautiful waves & some glorious sunshine this morning! And today, was the last day of the week long Mr Price Pro, with some of the guys who really kicked ass!

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