Natural Beauty – Makeup Free

For many of us, applying makeup happens way to easily and too often. Especially when we’re wanting to cover up & we grab whatever we can find. Often it can be a challenge to choose natural over makeup but I would challenge you to try it for a while in order to give you and your skin a breather. For some natural is easy, others it may be harder. But here are a few tips.

1. Drink water – this I have mentioned in way too many posts but I cannot stress this enough! At least 6 – 8 cups a day is what your body & skin needs!

2. Exfoliate your skin – now that you have your skin hydrated, you need to make sure you scrub off all that unwanted oil. Use a scrub or an exfoliating sponge.

3. Apply coconut oil to your skin – this is a great alternative to a lot of the creams we use today. This softens your skin really well & will give it an outstanding glow.

4. Moisturize your skin daily – this is super important for your skin if you want it looking healthy & natural. It needs to be done daily, not once in a while when it is looking dry.

5. Groom your eyebrows – don’t forget about your brows. Trimming, waxing & making sure that you keep those brows in shape is a great way to keep your natural beauty & you don’t need makeup for it.

6. Wear colours to highlight your eye colour – just because you’re leaving makeup alone doesn’t mean you don’t have to highlight your eyes some other way. Wear an outfit that really sparks your eye colour. I have greenish hazel eyes, so a little bright green in my outfit will make my eyes pop, all without the makeup!

7. Lip Balm – your lips need to be kept hydrated too

8. Eat fruits & veggies – this is a must, as you are what you eat. You may as well have a good diet, not just for your skin but for your health too.

9. Smile – smiling is a great thing. It can completely change your look! And when you smile, someone else may smile. This could not only benefit you but many others & who doesn’t want to be the reason for brightening someone else’s day?!

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