8 Easy-Peasy Makeup Remover Tricks

Here are 9 different ways to get makeup off easy!

1. Honey & Baking Soda – just a little honey on a clean wash cloth, add in some baking soda & you have your own makeup remover. It feels great & works wonders on any makeup.

2. Baby Wipes – this is great for removing makeup as it is gentle on your skin & there is no worry about breaking out or skin irritation. It is quick & less messy & is easy to carry in your purse especially if you’re on the go & travelling!

3. Steam – this opens up your pores & is often easier than water & soap.
4. Olive Oil – not only does it have many healing properties, it has softening agents too. Olive oil also helps your lashes grow. So if you have a problem with dry skin & need to remove makeup, this will only benefit you!

5. Milk – I didn’t believe milk on a cotton ball could do anything, but this works wonders with stubborn eyeliner & mascara! It’s quick, easy & natural.

6. Baby lotion – this works like the milk, so add a dab or two to your cotton ball & swipe across your eyelids.

7. Baby Oil – if you’re out of olive oil & can’t find baby wipes & you have to fight some stubborn mascara which can be one of the worst battles of all makeup then use some baby oil! It is easy & way more gentle than any other.

8. Vaseline
Vaseline you need to be careful with as it is very thick & clogs your pores really quickly & easily. Use it only for eye makeup, but if you happen to use it for your whole face, make sure you wash your face with soap & warm water afterwards.

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