Fantastic Feet

Feet are often something difficult to keep healthy but need our care as they carry us through each day. Below are a few tips for keeping them healthy & taking needed care of them.

1. Wear Comfy Shoes
If your shoes don’t fit properly or are too tight, you’ll end up with blisters & bunions which is a look we all don’t enjoy. So switch to comfy shoes that fit properly!

2. Look after your toenails
Clean them and clip them. Remember some cuticle oil too. If you’re a fan of keeping your toenails polished then remember to give your toes a break from it for a week every now & then. Remove it all to check your nails & see if they are healthy.

3. Soak your feet
Have a foot bath in the evenings on a regular basis. Add some oils or salts to help them relax & get treated. Don’t forget to give your toenails a clean with a brush. Don’t leave your feet in for too long as your skin will become soggy & wrinkly. About 10 mins will do.

4. Always wear shoes outside
This is tough, especially when you live on the coast. We’re so used to being bear foot. So try if you can, but I really find this one tough to do.
I guess this is more because things could damage your feet & hurt them, but I’m pretty chilled about that.

5. Keep your feet dry
Always dry your feet properly after bathing or swimming & don’t put shoes on until your feet are properly dry. Try not wear wet socks or shoes. If they get wet during the day, dry your feet off as soon as you possibly can.

6. Moisturise
Try moisturise your feet daily. The most effective way is to smother your feet in lots of lotion, put clean socks on & go to bed. Your feet will be extra soft when you wake up.

7. Wear clean socks every day
If you wear socks, change them every day or so if you can. Dirty socks make your feet smell & are also a breeding ground for bacteria which will damage your skin & they lock moisture.

8. Put your feet up
Try & raise your feet above the level of your heart several times a day. This will let any excess fluid drain out so that your feet won’t swell. This is especially important if you’re active & on your feet all day.

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