Skincare Tips

For those who want healthy, glowing skin, here are some tips.

1. Beauty Sleep
It is called that for a reason. You should get at least 8 to 10 hours sleep each night.

2. Don’t smoke
Smoke is just as bad for your skin as it is for your body, but if you do smoke, I’d just suggest try smoking less if you can’t see yourself stopping anytime soon.

3. Wear sunscreen everyday
This is always a tough one. Apply an SPF 30 for the day but if you’re on the beach and in the water, it washes off, so re-apply after coming out the water.

4. Wash at the end of the day
Due to pollution, make-up and sun damage, your skin takes a lot of abuse. Reward it by taking a shower, bath & washing your face.

5. Avoid harsh chemicals
Some skin cleansers & creams can really irritate, age & damage your skin. Check the labels & keep away from Sodium Lauryl Sulphate as well as other sulphates, petrochemicals & triclosan.

6. Don’t squint
This is something I really struggle with because I often squint or frown when I’m thinking, concentrating or am confused. But try do it as little as possible.

7. Eat well
We are what we eat. So stay away from junk food or takeaways. Switch from candies & sweets to berries, and from chips to crunchy veggies or nuts. Add any of the following to your diet – avocados, pumpkin, Omega 3 supplements, green tea, fresh tomato, salmon, eggs, walnuts, beans or strawberries.

8. De-stress & exercise
De-stress by doing yoga or some sort of exercise or even having a good cry. Do whatever you can that won’t involve smoking or junk food!

9. Find a cream that works
Find the right body and face cream that works for your skin type. Develop your own cleaning & moisturising routine too. If you can, use high fat natural body moisturisers for your body(not your face – that’s a different story) and don’t moisturise your skin only when it feels dry.

10. Start early
The earlier you start caring for your skin, the better in the longer run.

11. Use a humidifier at night
This is for those of you who do not stay somewhere humid. Here at home, on the South Coast, it is always humid, even in Winter. But when I’m in Pretoria, in the city, way more in land, it is super dry especially in Winter. So use a humidifier, it is good.

12. Drink water
Water seems to be the key to keeping everything healthy. Not only that, but it keeps you hydrated so just do it. And as I said before, add mint leaves, berries, coconut, sliced fruit or whatever to make it easier to drink if it is something you struggle with.

13. Avoid hot showers or baths
Go for warm – not hot.

14. Limit air conditioning & heating
Limit the use of air conditioning or of heating as both can dehydrate the skin

15. Exfoliate
You need to exfoliate as you need to get rid of the dead skin cells and the dirt!

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