None of us are the same but guys and girls seem to have acne breakouts somewhere along the line. If you don’t you’re damn lucky!

Here are a few things you can do to help avoid or just lessen the breakouts:

1. Drink lots of water – this is a cleanser for your body & helps as acne starts on the inside making its way to the surface. So drink atl east 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. If you have a similar problem to me & don’t enjoy water, add some basil or mint leaves to the water or get yourself coconut water. Add a slice of orange or lemon. It really helps make it a little more pleasant.

2. Stop touching your face – bacteria is transferred from your hands to your face & that is how your pores clog up & form pimples. Also try not pick at your acne, as tempting as it may be. It just adds to the redness & adds to the chances of it becoming a scar.

3. Wash your face daily – whether you have acne or not, it is a really good habit to get into. Wash every day or every evening with some warm water and a cleanser which will leave you refreshed.

4. Eat a balanced diet – put the junk food away and eat more fruit & veggies and your acne won’t appear as often. This includes choosing water over soda.

5. Ladies, limit the amount of foundation – this is really tough, especially when you do suffer from acne as you may want to cover up. But this often clogs pores & leads to more blemishes. If you have to wear it, go for the mineral or organic beauty products.

6. Clean your glasses & sunglasses regularly – I know how we love wearing our shades or have to wear glasses but that is where oil builds up from being worn daily. It builds up mostly in the eye & nose area & those can be the most sensitive areas. So keep it clean!

7. Don’t wear tight clothes – this applies to body acne. If you suffer from this, you can wear fitted clothing but watch out that it isn’t too tight as it doesn’t allow your skin to breath & causes irritation. Also opt for cotton or other natural fabrics – keep away from synthetics as much as possible.

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