8 Enchanting Exfoliators

Here are 8 amazing exfoliators you can try out. For a basic exfoliator check out the exfoliator recipe used in my previous exfoliation posts.

1. Coffee, Lavender & Sugar Scrub
The lavender is calming, the coffee grounds help with cellulite. This scrub also helps calm your blemish-filled skin.

2. Sugar & Olive Oil
This makes a fantastic skin-softening scrub which also removes all the dead cells

3. Salt & Lemon
If you have been having problems with oily skin then this will help you. The lemon juice wipes away all the oil & the salt takes care of the rest.

4. Strawberries & Honey
This softens rough skin & the strawberry seeds work wonders for clearing any dead skin.

5. Smashed Strawberries
This softens skin, but also helps remove oil if you are having problems with oily skin on your face or anywhere else.

6. Epsom Salts & Water
Epsom salts are some of the purest salts in the world! They feel great in the bath and brush away all dead skin cells leaving your skin super soft.

7. Honey & Sugar
This super sweet scrub softens your skin & makes it glow & look radiant.

8. Brown Sugar
Brown sugar can be used in a paste(brown sugar + water) or just straight brown sugar. It softens your skin super quickly.

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