Beautiful hope

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Just a few pictures sent (out of no where) to me by my friend Liz with a beautiful message: “There is somebody out there who is going to understand you and love you for you – you won’t have to change a thing about you. He’ll be perfect for you Moo, don’t settle for less than God’s best! God is a really jealous Father, especially of His little girls.”

It really meant so much when she sent that, not only because of those beautiful words but also because even though she is facing a really tough time with illness and heartache she still seems to be there through it all, by my side. An amazing friend, I’m beyond blessed to have her. It meant a lot that she sent that message, because sometimes we just need a little reminder of who we are and that everything will be okay, someone to shed some light on our situation and remind us of the hope we do have when we forget!

Thanks Liz!

Love you lots pretty lady


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