Leafy Green Goodness

So honestly, I never order a salad at restaurants. My reason – I could just make one at home, why eat out then?! But I must admit that isn’t the whole reason… The times I have made the mistake of ordering any type of salad, I usually eat what is on top and leave the rest. Terrible of me to waste, I know. But have you seen how many leafy green stuff there usually is. If I wanted that amount of leaves I’d ask for it or I’d pick something off a tree I guess!

But I came across a little website with pictures on it of leafy greens and their nutritional value. I was shocked to see how much goodness was actually in this crazy stuff. So am I convinced to order a salad in a restaurant? Not entirely, but if I do order one, there won’t be any leafy greens left on my plate and the next time I make a salad at home, I’ll definitely not be afraid to use a few of these in it. So get in some greens, not only salads, use them to wrap them around chicken or something, like a wrap. But dig in!

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