3 days to go

I must stop posting about going home, I know but I really am excited. I got a message from my dad this morning, in which he expressed how much he misses me, he hopes my exam went well, it’s nearly home time and they’re having their first game at 11.30 in Durban at S.A champs. So not only is he excited but I am excited to go home and also super excited for him to be playing darts at S.A’s again. So today he has me excited all over again.

I can’t wait because I’ll be back at the coast for at least 2 weeks. I get to see my beachy friends, I get to go to the beach, smell the fresh salty air, eat yummy healthy foods, go for long walks, read some books, spend lots of time with God. Oh and best of all, have some rain!! Here inland, it seems they don’t get much rain – it is way too dry for me. So I seriously can’t wait, and I am excited to see my parents even though after a few days they might get on my nerves. I’m just happy to be going home so that I can also reflect on what has happened this year so far and find out where I’m going next, and that includes my studies. I really feel God calling me somewhere else, so it is time to clear up all the chaos and mess in my life and figure out what God wants from me.

Only 3 days before I board a plane! Yay!

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