Bucket List

It is the early hours of the morning – basically the 30th of June and my friend has finally sent her bucket list to me. I combined hers and mine together and we have roughly about 75 things we both want to do…. But I’m sure tomorrow morning when I wake up it’ll be 80 things.

I am super excited to see her later once we’ve both gotten sleep because then we will seize the day and start doing some of those things…. I think it is going to be a great way to get to know each other and get closer as friends! It is going to be fun and everything except boring! Super excited!!! Crazy times ahead I tell you!

Below is our list:

  1. Go to a parking lot and stick sticky notes on people’s cars saying ‘sorry for the damage’ and watch them panic
  2. Lie in the middle of the road with someone and just chat or dance in the middle of the road at midnight
  3. Throw water balloons out of a window of a really tall building or off the roof of the building at kids or people
  4. Do an awesome road trip*
  5.  Do some balloon painting or just painting
  6. Surfing – at least a week long course and get a wetsuit and surfboard*
  7. Horse riding with a cowboy hat*
  8. Skydiving*
  9. Jumping from a cliff into the sea
  10. Scuba diving
  11. See snow and play in it – have a snowball fight
  12. Ride in a hot air balloon*
  13. Speak Italian and eat pizza in Italy (in Naples)
  14. Photo shoot with friends*
  15. Quad biking through mud or in the dunes of Namib Desert
  16. Ride a camel
  17. Buy a stunning pair of high heels* that isn’t black, gray, silver or gold
  18. Go see the Northern lights in Alaska
  19. Live in a different country for at least 3 months
  20. Build a giant sand castle
  21. Learn to play poker
  22. Begin getting healthy and into shape*(with cool workout clothes)
  23. Live in a convent or something like that for a month
  24. Climb a tree* or build a tree house
  25. Have sun downer’s with a friend
  26. Plant a tree
  27. Chop down a tree & yell “Timberrrr” as it falls
  28. Eat special brownies just once
  29. Make a wish and send it up with a Chinese Lantern
  30. Do some TP revenge with a friend or bunch of friends
  31. Have a bowl filled with oreos and milk as breakfast
  32. Try crêpes at least once
  33. Have a movie night outside with friends, with a projector and a sheet, all sleep outside or some sort of movie marathon*
  34. Find the book ‘Unlimiting God – Richard Blackaby’ and read it
  35. Go swimming with dolphins
  36. Rehabilitate an animal
  37. Go to a spa with a friend*
  38. Go into town and write with chalk all over
  39. Go ‘sokkie’ in flour
  40. Dance on a bar with some friends
  41. Stand on a mountain or hill top and shout on top of your lungs
  42. Drink Starbucks*
  43. Play with tiger cubs and feed them
  44. Have a fish pedicure
  45. Lie on the grass looking at clouds* or the stars or on a roof top
  46. Jump from a swing or rope swing into a dam
  47. Ride an elephant
  48. Pride and Prejudice movie* or The Vow movie
  49. Just go surf in Indonesia or Hawaii
  50. Go wine tasting in Cape Town and Stellenbosch
  51. Have a wine and cheese evening with a special friend
  52. Dance in the rain
  53. Paintball where you throw each other with balloons
  54. Read Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
  55. Make up some crazy dance routines with friends
  56. Get ballet Points*
  57. Learn a Justin Timberlake dance
  58. Organise an outreach
  59. Vegetable garden
  60. Hammock
  61. Guitar
  62. Learn to make Thai-food
  63. Read the Hobbit
  64. Bikini shopping
  65. God ring
  66. Plat our hair in a funky way*
  67. Pray for a noble prince
  68. Google a FUNNY to-do list & actually DO IT!
  69. Sunrise on roof
  70. Take more photos!!
  71. TRAVEL (save with a piggy bank….like an actual PIGGY bank – the kind you see in movies)
  72. Cinnamon rolls
  73. Royal Danish Ice Cream
  74. Drive-in
  75. Make fairy jars by cutting open glow sticks and letting the goo run into the jars, then add glitter and shake the jars.
  76. Have an adventure party with homemade tents and fairy dresses
  77.  A chest full of ribbons, handmade papers and travel collections*
  78. Pottery
  79. Drink out of a coconut
  80. Find & collect Pansy Shells in Mozambique
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