From Resentment to Prayer & Praise

Last night Liz sent me a message of resentment or rather just how sad and betrayed she feels. Weeks ago, her ex, while still overseas, broke up with her over skype. Something neither of us saw coming. But he said horrible things and shifted the blame. Well this week he got back and landed at O.R Tambo and she’s due to meet him tomorrow. She wanted to meet up so that they could talk face to face and just sort things out before they bump into each other at church on Sunday. Anyway, weeks after, she still has moments where she just feels bad about herself and still feels the bitterness and betrayal, and I have to admit, sometimes I still do too. It makes it hard.

This whole week, I haven’t been near my Bible but the whole day I’ve been avoiding the urge inside of me to pick it up and read a little. I don’t know why I have tried to avoid it but I just lost that battle. In my Bible there are profiles of 25 of the women and their stories from the Bible and Abigail is one of them. I try doing a different one every day or at least one a week, but stopped when I didn’t feel the need anymore. But today, God thought I needed Abigail. I picked it up and read the story of Abigail and her husband Nabal, who was harsh and mean. Basically Nabal sinned against David who had been anointed by God. Abigail, went to David confessing her husband’s mistakes even though she had not been there when he had said what was said.

Through this story in 1 Samuel 25, we learn that where there is sin there must be confession in order for there to be forgiveness (you can refer to 1 John 1v9 for that). Like in Liz’ situation and many of ours, we have people in our lives who are close to us and some of them often refuse to confess their sin and don’t even acknowledge that they have done anything wrong or sinful. What they do may be hurting you and causing lots of pain, and it can be easy to judge and resent them. But what if we took a stand in fellowship and confessed the wrongs or sins instead of just condemning it? I mean, if you think about it, God has been offended. The sin was against Him, no one else and confession would be your gift to Him and not to the offender. Confessing their sin could actually bring you some relief and closure. It may also bring some sort of spiritual change in the lives of those you are praying for or it may not, but remember where there is sin – there needs to be confession.

I am not saying that, when others sin you should take on their guilt, you really shouldn’t but rather as a child of God – take a stand by confession, as a bridge between their blindness and God’s greatness. You’ll bridge the gap that they may not be able to get over as you pray for their forgiveness. We should choose to take on an active role in the lives of those close to us and those whom hurt us and God, and make a change from resentment to prayer and praise.

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