Healthy time

Wow! So the other day one of my friends and dear house mate asked ‘why are we the takeaway house?’…. She asked because in our digs the one recycling bin is always filled with empty take away boxes….

I’ve never had a problem with takeaways, I love cooking but this year – it has gotten out of hand! Especially when we said we’d do 40 days of no takeaways. It seems as if that was when it really spiraled out of control. ‘Healthy’ not my favourite word but she really got me thinking. Suddenly I am looking forward to this winter holiday time as it is long (long enough to get back into a healthy routine) and I get away from here. Back to going home where my mom is obsessed with being healthy and for once, I am actually glad and looking forward to her sometimes crazy obsession!! No offence, Mom.

So a few tips:

  • keep hydrated with water, try stay away from fizzy drinks or alcohol – if you’re going to drink one of those, try having one glass of water for each glass of alcohol or fizzy drink
  • do at least one active thing for the day & get creative if you have to work or something
  • if you’re going to go to a party & you’re anything like me, that snack table will be calling & I’ll spend a lot of time there, so prepare by eating something before hand or just get a few things from the snack table & move away from it
  • eat before you get hungry & eat slowly while sitting down
  • get at least 7 hours of sleep in a night, I know it is hard when you’re working or a student but I really think it helps. It does energize you and it keeps your body healthy. You need to be active, but your body needs rest too
  • don’t be too hard on yourself, it may not be easy but anything is possible and you have to remember that
  • write down the reasons why you want to be healthy or get back to that, and often just go through the list of reasons, to keep yourself motivated and if you can’t do that, share those reasons with a friend whom will be able to remind you why and keep you motivated

Anyway, I’ll be getting back to being healthy from the 1st of July and hopefully be well on my way by the 5th when I get back home. But I want to get back after the holidays having a healthy body and mind. I want to be renewed and refreshed physically, mentally and spiritually when I get back. Want a little change and I am really glad my mom will be there to help me through it!

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