3 Wise Thoughts

This post is definitely for all the ladies. All my sisters in Christ. I think life often knocks us down, we stumble and fall and sometimes the devil just tries to make life hard, kick us when we’re down and just speak and whisper lies to us in order to change us and knock the wind out our sails.

But as Daughters of God there are 3 key things you should remember and if you don’t feel like you are any of these things, start believing in it, praying about it and saying it to yourself because it is true and I’m pretty sure God thinks so too. Try fight against those lies, no matter how tough and with God’s help, you will be successful.

Here they are:

  1. You are beautiful: Knowing that you are beautiful, you begin to act and think beautiful. You smile a lot and move with grace. You are alluring and captivating.
  2. You are confident: You walk believing you are loved, accepted and desired. Walking in that truth, you are secure. You can be decisive and strong. You lean into the moment and you allow yourself to believe in your abilities, passions and gifts. Not arrogant but peaceful and assured.
  3. You posses unshakable hope: You turn away from what has been and look towards the future to imagine what it might be. You hear the words of promise instead of whispers of unbelief. You rebuke fear and trust in the devotion you have found. Your hope is steadfast, believing you are rescued and held.

So, ladies I am praying for you. May you be blessed and feel this way every day. As a Christian, life is damn tough, each day a spiritual battle but God has already won the battle and you just have to step into that authority.



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