Friends Engaged…

So all of my friends are either 21 or we’re still turning 21 this year but some of them have been lucky enough to find love and are engaged!!!!

Firstly my special friend Rachel Fanner, who I got to know through dancing and then we went to school together in our 6th and 7th grades as well as through high school, got engaged in December last year in Thailand and they’re getting married the 8th December of this year! So happy for her and Shaun van Tonder who I will get to see this holiday when I get home! They make a great couple and I really do wish them all the best! They have been together since high school! *their pictures appear first

Then, yesterday my other special friend Ashleigh Bigara, whom I was best friends with when I was little, just before she moved at the end of grade 2 & whom I spent all my time with after school, got engaged in Durban to Craig Parrot whom she has been dating since high school too! You guys make such a lovely couple and are such strong believers! Even though we have lived miles apart, we both took to dancing and have so many passions in common! *their pictures appear second

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So I just want to wish both couples all the best, may there be many more mind blowing blessings to come and crazy adventures! Love you all!



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