Natural Alarm

I’m up earlier than I want to be after a day like yesterday but I can’t help it. It’s like there’s an alarm clock that naturally goes off inside my body. I’ve never been someone who can sleep late, even since I was little.
Yesterday I wrote an exam and was exhausted after that since I got no sleep the night before. Got home and watched a movie on T.V while I did an assignment. Then one of my house mates came home and we watched 2 movies, drank tea and ate spinach quiche. Once the second movie was done I thought I might get the chance to take a nap but the movie finished way too late for that, so I had about 30 minutes before we had to be at a gig! By the time I got in bed it was close to being today again. So yeah, wasn’t to happy about my natural alarm going off this morning and my body waking up.
But now – drinking my tea, I’m excited to see what this day holds. A little chilly outside, wind in blowing beautifully through the trees and the leaves that are left are making music with that rustling sound…. A friend is coming through from Johannesburg and then it is a day of adventure together as we’re going to see what we can keep ourselves busy with in Pretoria! It is a beautiful day & morning! Really glad I’m starting it early 🙂

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