7 Ways I Use to Keep My Mojo Flowin’

1. Drink loads of tea – green tea or homemade cinnamon tea to start the day off, plain normal tea during the day & chamomile tea (can be replaced by warm milk & cinnamon)before bed.

2. Getting active! Anything helps. Whether you gym, surf, jog or just take a walk. Getting those endorphins going turn any day into a really good one. Even doing it with a friend or a group helps. Some quality time. But get creative with it! I love doing exercise with a friend – very few times that I do that stuff alone!

3. Keeping a healthy diet of fruits, veggies, whole grains & nuts. Maybe some fish or chicken. Having diced apples, berries, almonds & vanilla yogurt for b/fast is like having dessert – seriously YUMMY! Even with this you can get creative. Will post some ideas this holiday

4. Getting in touch with your spirituality. Whether you are on your own reading the Bible or getting plugged into church. Going to church sometimes helps gets me going again, especially when I’ve been on my own with God for long. My energy just seems to SKYROCKET.

5. Go see a friend or call on someone else or change your scenery. A different perspective often helps. I have been blessed with some great friends, who at times when I’m really struggling – fly me out to where they are. Usually I end up in the mountains or near the ocean. Gives me time to just chill, talk and whatever to get new perspective with them around to build up some positivity. Really helps to be refreshed.

6. Taking a breath!!! Every time I get stressed it really helps to just take a breath, stop what I’m doing & maybe remove myself from the situation for a few moments. Come back later with a fresh perspective & try evaluate without emotion. Sometimes our emotions can totally block out our common sense.

7. Do the crazy chicken dance with friends – usually my housemates and I do the dance from ‘New Girl – season 1 episode 3’ together and we all end up laughing and going crazy – lotsa fun!

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