12 Ways to Keep Yourself on the Bright Side of Life

1. Get off the computer or your phone

2. Stay away from the news & watching suffering on a big scale

3. Find a tree – climb it, if there are waves – ride it

4. Think of beautiful, happy things

5. Remember how amazing it is to smell any kind of flower. Be thankful that we can smell stuff and just say a little prayer of thanks or appreciation

6. Wiggle your toes, your fingers, feel that you’re alive & then run as fast as you can! If you have an injury, remember how much sweeter it is gonna be to run again. If people are telling you it won’t be possible. Say screw that – your God is greater, and prove them wrong!

7. Scream or sing at the top of your lungs, or even meow, yodel, howl, whatever. If there is someone super cool near by, chances are they’ll do it with you(and that could lead to lifelong friendship).

8. Never be afraid of being yourself – EVER. The more comfy you become in your own skin, the more secure people you will attract & those type of people will lift you up. It’s bout being comfy in your own skin & the people you surround yourself with.

9. Don’t sweat the people that try to bring you down, they have their own issues. No one is perfect.

10. Dance as crazy as your heart tells you to. The more you let go, the better you feel. Let go & be free. The more you open up, the more others will too – it just makes it easier somehow. It’s a beautiful thing.
A few friends of mine & I often do that chicken dance from the series ‘New Girl – Season 1 Episode 3’.

11. Do something random or spontaneous or something silly with someone until you laugh from the pit of your belly..

12. If you have crazy, weird experiences or thoughts that make you isolate yourself or make you think you’re weird – DON’T! We are all weird & different in our own ways & best at it – because of it you will find people you can relate to & people that will share that same type of crazy. If we all pretended to be normal & fake – the world would be totally dull. Express yourself – the world will be a much happier, crazier, more fun & exciting place!

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