Finding Contentment

Contentment is not being full to the brim; but rather acknowledging what you lack and being okay with going without it. Being human, we may move in and out seasons of contentment. Sometimes loneliness can eat away at the human heart like nothing else in this world. But never let the fear of being alone cause you to cling to the first person who walks by.

This is a hard lesson for us as women to learn. Even for men. As women, it is hard for us to walk alone. Loneliness is something we don’t do well. As people, community is important. But being alone is just as important. Being alone, gives us time to re-look at ourselves, do some introspection. It gives us time to come back to ourselves, re-evaluating was is important etc. Clinging onto the first person that walks by – that being in our dating lives or in friendships – is never a good thing. This clinging without thinking can be extremely destructive and leave us at a place where we won’t be content!

Because if cling onto people because you’re lonely instead of because they have the same values in common with you or because of mutual respect or because you build each other up, you compliment each other, if it isn’t for any of those reasons then you will always be unhappy and your contentment will slowly fade. Because you will always feel you are doing things for others instead of yourself. You won’t do anything because you enjoy it, you will do things for the purpose of doing. The people you surround you with will either build up confidence, integrity, love, happiness and so on inside of you that leads to contentment or they will stir the exact opposite. You need to surround yourself with people who take an interest in you, not in an idea of you.

One thing worse than not being in a relationship(this includes friendship, dating/marriage, part of a working team etc) is being in the wrong relationship.

So remember you are NEVER too young to make wise choices – what you win people with is what you’ll keep them with!

Stay true to yourself and be truthful with others, it is the only way of being content.

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