Sweet things

At the end of this week when I went to class, after a very frustrating week, I had the blessing of experiencing a few sweet things.

1. I gave my friend Elizabeth a beautiful pink and white rose – it made her smile
2. Elizabeth shared great news with me – Cole (her boyfriend) who has been overseas for months now, is coming home on the 17th June! I’m so extremely happy for her!!! It just made my day!!
3. In our Missiology class, while being bored, 2 of the guys – Francois and Gerrie – drew over themselves on their student cards and stuck it on a page with a heading ‘WANTED’ and then some sub-text saying ‘MASS MURDERERS’. They were being very funny and silly.

4. Gerrie – being silly & thoughtful – asked me to go to movies at Brooklyn Mall with him on Tuesday, like it is in Zak de Priester’s song – ‘Sally William’s Nougat’ and then buy Nougat from Groenkloof Spar. Basically a night of doing things according to the song lyrics. Very sweet of him.
5. I got to see a great guy, the one I’ve spoken bout before in a previous post…. And he’s asked me to go to the movies or doing something with him over the coming long weekend. So I’m kinda excited. But not getting my hopes up – just in case it doesn’t happen…. But very excited 🙂

And then after a very frustrating Saturday night (let’s hope this week will be better), when I climbed into bed, I had the blessing of falling asleep to the sound and smell of the rain outside…. An awesome Jesus moment!!!

Francois & Gerrie - 'WANTED - Mass Murderers'

Francois & Gerrie – ‘WANTED – Mass Murderers’

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