Here I am, lying on the floor in our 2nd Lounge known as the kweekhuis. Looking at the roof made of tin plates or sheets and in two spots it is see-through so that sun can come in…. On those clear parts you can see fallen oak leaves from the tree that stretches out above this roof…

It is random I know, but I was thinking that laying here on the floor would give me some sort of new perspective on life, some clarity…that something magical would happen. Like God would speak to me – as if only now He would… I know it is just the floor and to some people I seem to be making a bigger deal out of this than others would. But this really works – or at least for me it does.

In this place, I get to hear sounds I usually don’t pay attention to, smells come alive and I feel so much more.

So while doing this, I have the strange urge to change positions. So I do a 180 degree turn on the floor, suddenly feeling upside down. And suddenly, in this changed position – everything looks and feels different… Even the leaves and sounds. In this moment – something magical did happen and suddenly I don’t know how I feel about what position one should lie on the floor or how I feel about the world or how I like things.

Suddenly, lying on the floor feels a whole lot more complicated than before. Sometimes we make life to complicated especially with too many perspectives but I think sometimes it’s a good thing to change perspectives a bit. It challenges you and everything you believe in. It allows you to challenge yourself and the world. It helps give clarity – more than we’d like to think…

Suddenly – I appreciate the floor more….it gives new perspective…


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