In the holidays, I was blessed with getting a new Bible!!! Not only that, but God knew I was on a tight budget and although I knew I might not have money left after the purchase, I still did it. So putting my faith in God, when I got to the counter the guy said it’s R150. My heart jumped, I was super estatic at God’s love and grace. I mean R60 off just put a little skip in my step!!!

Things I do want now… are desires, not needs – that I can admit. It’s stuff I’d never buy myself anyway – feels too selfish… things like a silver necklace with a flower of cross on it; a silver ring – pretty and simple though, nothing over the top or that would make my finger fall off; a silver bracelet… Well yes, jewellery because I never buy stuff like that and not for myself. I want flowers, or flowers bought for me by someone special – especially because flowers are very special to me so it would be nice to have that. Maybe some bath stuff – like bubble bath, shower gel, creams etc. A little girl pampering stuff.

Anyway, I guess I’m learning it is okay to have desires too. As long as they don’t become too important and take over your life and being.

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One thought on “Desires…

  1. sully

    if u have, do u sell this bracelet? cause it is too important for one’s life

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