Catching up

Well last I posted was before our Easter holidays, so it has been a while. Lots has happened….

It has been a chaotic time with lots happening emotionally and spiritually.

In this time I had learnt from a new found friend that I am worthy and have been given the gift of tongues but I need to ask to receive it and believe I have it. So my curiosity with that has grown.

In the holidays I also got to spend time with my best guy friend – Daryl on his last day of being 20. We both ended up driving up and down the whole South Coast on a birthday treasure hunt. I had to keep him busy somehow to keep him out the house and away from his surprise birthday bash that evening. Plus, it was a great excuse to spend a day with him and catch up!

When I got back from my holiday, we went to watch the varsity cup final and ended up celebrating Tuk’s victory for the first time since 1986!!! Was a super, stressful game!
I also had a great time getting closer to some of my housemates. But as that had happened in this last week unfortunately, there has been hectic spiritual attacks on those relationships too and it has been one hell of a frustrating week – one week in that sense, I wouldn’t want back anytime soon.

I did have a great week in some aspects though – going to church at 3rd Place for the first time, going out for drinks at Picasso’s with awesome friends (Jean, Jaco & Shikara), playing pool and stealing flowers way after midnight at the Union Buildings and being chased away, great chats with mates while just driving around the city or having coffee – just sharing love and God and so many other things.

Although it has been a frustrating time with rape victims and other social injustices too as well as spiritually in our house it has also been great and a learning curve and I am so thankful for it….

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