Over the weekend I spoke to a friend who warned me that this guy I’m getting to know doesn’t always know what he wants and girls easily fall for him.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m falling for him. At this moment him and I are just friends. He’s a great guy but the fact of the matter remains – he doesn’t know what he wants right now. Those words spun around in my head, over and over and over again. But then I realised how, firstly, I’m not even looking for a guy or whatever my friend was implying by telling me that and secondly – that shouldn’t stop me from getting to know the guy and finding out what he’s like. Over the weekend I had felt bleek about the whole situation after what my friend had said but this morning God helped give me perspective and I wanted to kick myself.

How can I go on what other people tell me instead of hearing from him first. I think because him and my friend got in a fight about this, he might now be afraid to approach me because of things that were said and maybe he feels like it is wrong not to know what you want.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that ‘not knowing what you want’ isn’t the worst thing in the world. You shouldn’t feel threatened by that. If you use girls or date them and jump from one to the next because you don’t know what you want, to me – that’s wrong. But if you’re upfront with me and tell me you don’t know what you want but you tell me what you do know or are sure of about yourself then I’d be cool with that. I’d rather you tell me you’re struggling with certain aspects or things and tell me what you are sure about and what not than have you keep me in the dark and then we both get hurt. If you’ve told me where you’re at with things concerning our relationship (be it friendship, working, romantic etc) and the things you’re working on or trying to figure out, at least then we’re both on the same page and we can then move forward – working from there. Just be transparent with me.

People should always feel able to come share their thoughts with me and matters concerning their hearts and not be afraid about being judged or that I would be weird or angry about stuff. But if you’re afraid, then take your time, I’m a super patient person and I want to get to know you. The fact that we’re at different places in our life or facing different struggles doesn’t change anything, neither do mistakes or anything else. It isn’t going to stop me from being there or wanting to get to know you. Just tell me the truth, don’t leave me in the dark. We all have struggles and don’t always know what we want. We’re all still trying to figure stuff out no matter what it is. Just be transparent. Be real. And don’t be afraid to.

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