Surprised – I love surprises…

So I’ve been praying about this random time where God is proving me wrong about a guy, because to me it has been confusing. I mean, why suddenly is he making efforts to talk to me? What is his impression of me – because I know my first thoughts about him was never positive..? What is God doing bringing a guy like this into my life now – when I’m only halfway through my year? Although – I have learned a lot from this guy so far and been hugely humbled!

So I spoke to God, telling Him what I think. That I need Him to decide what He’s doing with this and to let me know. If this guy is going to be a friend or anything more – then this guy has to make the first move towards a friendship or whatever this is…because I’m done running after guys. If he isn’t supoosed to be a friend or anything – then he needs to back off and not speak to me so much.

Friday night (last night) I didn’t hear anything from him unless I spoke, so I gave up quickly. And left it at that, assuming that we weren’t meant to be friends or anything. But this morning God surprised me – and as we all know I love surprises – with a message from this particular guy, asking me to come over to his house tonight. I thought, being so surprised….because there was no ‘hello’ message and just a question that maybe he had sent it to the wrong person. But apparently I was wrong, he said the message was for me and not someone else and that I should come over tonight. Me enjoying sarcasm, asked if he was sure because I think it might rain again if he was, but he said he’s sure.

So yes, I am surprised and a complete ball of nerves about tonight. I’ve even lost my appetite. Tummy in knots. So yeah, God enjoys surprising us I think. Or I guess He works with each one in ways they like experiencing things. And I love surprises, so I guess He’s always going to try surprise me – past my wildest expectations.

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