Next to you…

As I thought that all my friends were getting married or into relationships, it seems there are a few of us coming out of relationships…

Bubsy & I

Today or in the early hours while everyone else was sleeping, my best friend told me that it seems like it is definitely over between her and her ex. For months now he’s been holding out on her, confusing her so that she doesn’t know where she stands with him. In a sense giving false hope. She sent me the message he sent her and it wasn’t pretty. Basically how he never really loved her and how much he’s enjoying life without her. I just feel that is so wrong. You can’t keep people waiting around like that, if you make a decision then it’s yes or no. None of this in between krap. If you can’t decide what you want then be straight about it rather than confusing the other person. It’s just common courtesy.

I feel really bad for her because I know what that’s like but at the same time I’m glad to see that she’s starting to see that she deserves better and to be treated like God’s princess and no less. And I’m glad to have her be at the same place as I. Usually one of us is always ahead of each other or something in this journey – that being life or love, but finally, even though we’re miles apart right now we’re at exactly the same place.  It feels good to be in the same boat – even though we always support each other because usually one of us has already been through what the other is going, but this time we can actually walk next to each other instead of one of us leading the other in this time.

I guess it is times like this that you see that not all challenges are negative and that sometimes they’re actually a blessing in disguise. We can just make the best of each challenge and see them as an opportunity instead.

So to Bubsy (Jaqui-leigh), you are a blessing and girl – I’m here all the way.

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