A brand new year

It’s a brand new year with interesting things happening. Yesterday I registered on campus for my third year of studies and classes officially begin on tomorrow.

The week that just passed I had my lovely little sister enter her first year here at varsity with me, so she has to study hard to get into medicine. Last night varsity cup started, was great watching the first rugby match to kick off the season.

Unfortunately though, I’ve had my friend tell me that with her being so busy last year, she missed one of her subjects and because of that tiny little mistake she won’t graduate ‘til September and she can’t do her honours. But there are so many other things with that, so she will be leaving end of February, moving out of the house and into a place with her brother, back home to where her parents live. So sad to have her leave but we both feel God has a different plan for her. I mean she has found an amazing guy, she has done well in her studies, she’s gotten a job as a secretary until she can figure out where she wants to go from here, she’s going to live closer to her family and in a place where she’ll be able to find some rest and just get back to God and what’s really important, especially after her busy years at varsity. She’s beginning a whole new chapter which is going to be amazing and special and that we are so at peace with. I mean, she has her support system, we’ll always be there for her, and she’s only 2 hours away – which means a lot of amazing visits! With that, I have realized that this is going to be a great but tough year. I really need to focus and study this year. Remember what’s important (not only my studies) and go for it and not have anyone stand in my way – if someone does, then they don’t really care about me. Being at varsity, kinda is about working towards a future which is pretty important.

I did register on campus yesterday – was amazing to see my friends again and it was fabulous only taking an hour to register, something that used to take us all day!! But with that – yes, I saw my ex. We study together. Felt terribly awkward but it also makes me realize each time how happy I am without him and how independent and amazing it feels to know I don’t need him or any other man. I don’t need any guy’s approval and I’m okay just being me, doing my own thing.

So I can’t wait to get this year up and running, have fun being single, finding me and God and sharing the love and awesomeness with everyone I meet.

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