Single By Choice – not because I have to be

I am so glad to be doing this. I appreciate this journey so much. Already I have had guys push themselves against me. Guys who don’t understand that I just want to be friends and don’t respect that. I’ve already had to explain the ring and what it means and already some guys don’t understand it. What sucks about this process is that this is going to happen a lot now and further on and I will get frustrated, get upset and cry, but in the end it is not my fault or my problem. They have to understand and if they don’t or can’t and they still can’t respect the decision then it’s too bad. Then they are idiots and not worth being mates with anyway.

I’m already learning just how much I hate other guys trying to kiss or touch me and their lack of respect for me  and any other girl. Guys who think they can see you once or just meet you and try to pull in without getting to know you a little at all first – they’re quite off putting.

I mean I went out to the “square” with my sister and her friends last night and watching those guys trying to pick them up because they think the girls will get drunk quickly and have sex with them was terrible. Because firstly my sister and them don’t get drunk easily – they’re from Margate and secondly when they have had a bit too much to drink – they give all guys ‘bat’ and want nothing to do with any guy. Was such a learning curve, I couldn’t wait to get out of there. Luckily I was able to speak to a really good friend of mine, Ryan, while a waited to get out of that place, so he was able to help keep me company and stuff ‘til I got home safely and was able to make me feel super comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation.

But point is – I’m glad to be waiting on God to send me the right guy instead of these weird guys who act like idiots and have no respect for any girl.


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