Being Single for a Year

After a long holiday and being
single since 15 September 2011, I have decided to stay single and do it properly.

After speaking to a very good friend of mine, someone I have mentioned before, her name is Deo-Dane, I decided to do something that she would recommend all girls do. I’m so sick of falling in and out of relationships and being used.

So together we went to go buy me a ring. One that I’d wear on my finger symbolising my singleness of a year or until the right guy would come along. It’s a year or more of just being friends with all the guys I meet, pursuing God and getting to know myself more. It’s a promise of not getting into any sort of romantic relationship with any guy and standing up for what I want and believe in. So it means being up front with guys and cutting them off if all they want is to get with me. Many guys will fall away as they don’t want friendship but want a lot of other stuff and honestly that is fine by me.  The right guy will wait and respect my decision to be friends until at least a year is over.

This time is not about focusing on guys but on me and who I am and my relationship with God, choosing His Will for my life daily instead of choosing my will. It is about figuring out what I want and need and not settling for anything less. As a lady I deserve respect and to other ladies out there – you do TOO. In this time my heart will be healed and then I can give a WHOLE heart to a special guy instead of a PIECE of my heart to him. Now all I have to do is wait patiently on God being reminded of His promise and plan every time I see the ring.

So guys – beware – we’re just friends. And ladies – the journey has begun.

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